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The Courage to Believe | 30 Day Devotional (PDF)

The Courage to Believe | 30 Day Devotional (PDF)

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Everyday we're bombarded with countless messages, opinions from friends and advice from family about what to do with our lives.

Some people offer the perfect weight-loss plan.
Some people offer the best investment advice.
Some people offer the secret to improve your relationship with your spouse.
But what if you could access the world's greatest success coach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? And what if this coach could offer you the right kind of advice about any area of your life, at any time, free of charge?

Don't think it's possible? Think again.

By tapping into your greatest resource, God in you, you can literally get spot-on advice, coaching, training and mentoring any time of the day or night and for any kind of difficulty you're going through.

The biggest struggle you'll need to overcome, however, is whether or not you'll believe what He's telling you and take his advice.

The Courage to Believe 30 Day Journal will walk you step by step through the process of evaluating what's at the core of your belief-system, so that you can either remove the patterns that aren't giving you life, or double-down on thoughts that will catapult you to the next level.
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